An interview with the founder of DROGO LONDON

Constantine K is DROGO’s founder. Constantine has always been passionate about grooming and skincare. Within this interview we explore what prompted DROGO’s founder to take the leap from grooming enthusiast to professional health and beauty entrepreneur in 2017.

“Follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you that your idea won’t work, if you feel it in your gut, pursue it and don’t give up. The individuals you look up to, or aspire to be, were once called crazy. These individuals are in the 1%; be that 1%.”

What led you to create the DROGO brand?

DROGO was created due to the lack of a solid luxury brand that had a product offering formulated from high quality ingredients. I knew the benefits of Jojoba and Argan Oil… so I wanted to create a brand that cut out all the unnecessary additives and let the ingredients speak for themselves. Instead of watering down and pricing up, I wanted a product that had organic integrity!

DROGO is a unique name for the brand, at what point did the brand name occur to you?

Very early in the inception of the company. DROGO represents masculinity, a name in which all men can relate to in their everyday lives. The name comes from the gothic word ‘dragen’, meaning to carry or to bear. There’s a strong spirit about the brand. I like the idea that this same ethos is imbued into our customers as they get ready to raise the day.

So did you know from the beginning that you wanted to create a grooming brand?

I have always wanted to create a brand that I would buy into as a consumer. I have frequently purchased skin and hair care products but could never find a male brand to match the extensive range of female products. Luxury brands did exist – but usually had lots of chemicals in them. Conversely, the ‘all natural’ or ‘good for you’ brands lacked brand presence and image – so straightaway I saw that there was a gap in the market for something that mixed luxury, quality and natural ingredients. I thought who better to try than someone who would use such a product.

Big aspirations! As a burgeoning business owner, do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you that your idea won’t work, if you feel it in your gut, pursue it and don’t give up. The individuals you look up to, or aspire to be, were once called crazy. These individuals are in the 1%; be that 1%.

Great advice. As the creator of a grooming brand, do you have your your own grooming regime?

Funnily enough I have always had a strict grooming regime from a young age, from hair to skin and I have always been conscious of my appearance and health.

Hair – I wash my hair every three days using a shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo cleans your hair but strips natural oils so it’s very important to use a good conditioner to replenish what was lost.

I apply a small amount of beard oil to my hair every night, which helps to cleanse and moisturise the hair using all natural ingredients. The oils also help to keep your hair healthy by delivering key vitamins and nourishing your scalp. In turn, this helps to strengthen the roots of your hair and promotes growth.

Skin – I moisturise my skin every morning using an all-natural product.

I wash my face every morning and night with water only. Once a week I use a light exfoliating face wash to remove dead skin keeping my skin looking fresh and vibrant.

Beard – This is an interesting one, I have a relatively long beard that I find gets wet every day in the shower. If you keep a long beard you know that getting it soaked every day can be a real pain, knowing what to do with it can really help save time and keep you looking presentable.

I like to thoroughly towel dry my beard and then use the hair dryer on a low heat to remove excess water, I then apply a small amount of beard oil to the whole beard, making sure I cover the skin underneath. I let this sit for 2-3 minutes so the hair can absorb the oil. I then blow dry my beard using a medium heat and a brush to style. The oil helps to protect the beard from the heat thus reducing damaging to the hair.

Finally, I apply some beard balm to set the look.

I condition my beard once a week.

That is very thorough, and from the look of your beard, it really works! On the point of your products, what do you say sets your products out from other brands?

Our products have been carefully formulated using the best ingredients available today. All our products harness the power of nature and we have a strong offering of 100% all-natural products too.

Our signature scents have been developed using the highest quality essential oils which also lock-in additional benefits for both hair and skin.

We have a solid range of unique scents and are continuing to develop these further.

We are currently working on a range of products based on pure Cambodian Oud.

Interesting base products there. From this, I am sure you must have favourite product in the range?

This is a difficult question to answer, I love all of our products as I developed them from the heart! However, if I must choose one it would be our beard oils. With a high concentration of Argan and Jojoba Oils, essentials such as Neroli Absolute and pure Cambodian Oud – it’s very difficult to find anything like it.

Are you planning to expand your product collection?

We are constantly developing new products and are looking to expand our hair and beard range. We are also launching a skin range and tattoo range that will include all natural tattoo after-care and all natural moisturisers.